God Within the Ordinary

God Within The Ordinary

Scarcity is a hard concept for many to imagine in our culture today. With each generation, new struggles emerge.  The reality is that scarcity affects us all.  How do you face times of scarcity in your life?  How do you respond when you are faced with the challenging realities of life; choosing to go without, laying aside your pride to do what needs to be done?  How do you endure through times of scarcity?

Recently I read a book called Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy, in which Tracy talks about driving across the Sahara desert, a journey that has claimed the lives of thousands of travelers who have wandered off the trail.  With the shifting sands of the desert, if you lose the path, you may never find it again.  Years ago, the French placed oil barrels every 5 kilometers, which is the curvature of the earth. They did this to guide the way as they traveled across the desert. As you drive past an oil barrel, you see it in your rearview mirror. Then looking ahead, you can see another one on the horizon, and make for the next barrel.  How do you travel across the barren desert?  One oil barrel at a time.

5b6ce200-058f-40f9-9904-423116e9900eThe same is true with times of scarcity in our lives.  The way that we traverse times of scarcity in our lives is by taking one step at a time. As we face down one challenge, we celebrate our success, then move toward the next oil barrel on the horizon.  Plans and goals are an integral part of our lives. However, as we wrestle with scarcity in our lives, we must reign in our focus and concentrate on the single step before us, then move one step at a time, moving with intention and perseverance.  We must work diligently, each step of the way, and live out Paul’s words in Colossians 3:23 to, “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.”

As we work through each step, one barrel at a time, God works through it all, taking our ordinary and turning it into the extraordinary.

Listen to the Podcast of my message God Within the Ordinary below.  It is the second lesson in the four-part series, EXTRAordinary.

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