Now What?

First Steps on the Road of Faith

Something amazing has happened.  For the first time in your life, you know and understand that God loves you, and has a plan for you.  You have made your commitment.  You are ready to start your life of faith in Jesus Christ.  Now What?  What should you do?  Where do you start?

Now What?  is a conversation about the next steps in your faith life.  What is worship and why is it important?  Do you really need to attend every week?  Are small groups that important?  Can’t you just do the church thing on Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights?  What about the Church?  All I see is arguing.  How do I grow from where I am now, to where God is leading me?  What are the most important first steps for me as I begin my journey of faith?

Each of us, who have taken the leap of faith, and committed to following in the footsteps of Jesus, has asked these questions.  Now What? is a starting point, a springboard for your ongoing walk as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

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